Bizzarrini: Building The Revival

Skilled craftsmanship, modern techniques and intensive research is driving the rebirth of this superlative Italian racing car 

Bizzarrini: Experience The Name

A new film showcases the rare beauty, timeless sounds and exceptional dynamism of Bizzarrini’s original 5300 GT Strada.

Bizzarrini: Building the Boldest Revival

As Bizzarrini continues to develop the design and processes that will shape the Bizzarrini 5300 GT Revival Corsa 24/65, new details have emerged about the scope and complexity of the company’s original production cars.

Bizzarrini: The Revival

Bizzarrini is proud to announce that the Revival Series will mark a new chapter in Bizzarrini’s history with a re-birth of the car that crystallised the company’s legacy, the 5300 GT.

Bizzarrini: Born Again

Pegasus Brands is proud to present the rebirth of one of the most storied and iconic names in Italian automotive history, Bizzarrini.

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